I mainly do tattoos in the Los Angeles area, at my studio, "Art & Soul Tattoo Co." To get an appointment with me, call Art & Soul Tattoo at 310-202-7203 to book a free consultation. At the consultation, you will need to bring a $100 cash deposit (which will come off the price of your tattoo) and any design references you have for your tattoo.

During the consultation, we will work together on your ideas. I will take any measurements necessary and we will book time for your actual tattoo appointment.

I have a $500 minumum for tattoos. I am much faster than most tattoo artists and the demand for my work is great, so I must keep these requirements. I have many clients in progress and prefer to do larger, custom tattoos. In other words, I've done my fair share of mini tattoos. Besides, the other artists in my studio are more available to take on smaller or more impulsive tattoos. You might have to wait a while to get an appointment with me.

If you would like something smaller than a $300 tattoo, please speak with one of the other artists at my studio. They are hand picked by me for their talents and professionalism and I highly recommend staying with Art & Soul for your tattoo and piercing needs.